Official global online Vara hackathon #Varathon is set to start!

May 29, 2023

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The highly anticipated Vara hackathon, #Varathon, is ready to kick off!We are eagerly anticipating 11 seasons and 11 months of exciting competition! The prize pool offers over $66,000 in rewards!

What is Varathon?

Varathon is a groundbreaking online Web3 development hackathon spread across seven seasons over seven months. We invite Rust developers to explore the cutting-edge Wasm implementation based on the Actor model and Persistent memory. Join the forefront of Web3 technologies and create remarkable projects on Vara Network!

Organized by @Gear_Foundation, the hackathon aims to attract the boldest and most innovative ideas from blockchain developers. #Varathon provides an opportunity for you to explore and unleash your potential in the world of decentralized applications.

The hackathon offers a platform for generating ideas, prototyping, and presenting solutions using the Vara Network infrastructure.

To learn more about the hackathon and register, visit the official website at https://varathon.io and join us!


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