Become a validator

Validators provide computing resources to keep the Vara Network secure, performant and censorship-resistant.

Running a validator node is an essential part of operating the network.

Becoming a validator is not only about incentives, but also about playing the key role of contributing to the network's security, and validating that all transactions that occur are genuine and correct.

On top of monetizing validation efforts, Validators play one of the most essential roles within a network, facilitating the final process of all transactions in a process called consensus.

How it works

When a transaction occurs, validators receive fees for program execution. This works by having each message sent between actors consume a small amount of the user’s balance to incentivize validation.

By adopting this model, all parties involved are winners as users can interact with dApps on a secure, scalable and reliable network, dApps can achieve true mass adoption and validators are incentivized for securing the network.


Set up your machine

Check out the official Vara Wiki to find out how to get started. Video walkthrough also available.

Validator main functions

  • Execute programs

    Run programs and execute their functions in Gear Protocol's runtime.
  • Produce blocks

    Ensure a performant network state transition by validating the latest transactions into blocks.
  • Consensus

    Participate in the consensus mechanism where blocks are verified based on validity statements, in agreement with other participants.

Important Validator Stats

The overall health of each Vara node and more importantly the entire network needs to be monitored to ensure truly decentralized and robust operations. This includes the various block production metrics as well node uptime, which are vital metrics for PoS networks.

Need Assistance?


If you have any queries please check out the Vara and Gear Wiki before reaching out for support.

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