The Gear Foundation Web3 Grants Program

Facilitating innovations that contribute to the Vara ecosystem

Gear Foundation

About Gear Foundation Grants

A non-profit organization dedicated to the growth, security and community of the Vara Ecosystem through providing research support, education and community engagement.

Areas of Interest for Grants

The Grants Program currently has the following areas of interest:

  • Gaming Projects Funding Opportunities

    The gaming industry is adopting innovative technology to enhance gameplay. Gear Protocol, facilitating next-gen decentralized games on-chain, is receiving widespread attention. Its efficient network architecture, tailored for high-volume operations, enables game creators to provide immersive, automated experiences without centralized constraints.

  • Web2 to Web3 projects Transition Grants

    Web2 developers seeking to extend blockchain benefits to their user base will find Gear Protocol ideal for shifting to Web3, offering a seamless transition with enhanced capabilities and decentralized advantages.

  • Tooling & InfrastructureFunding

    Gear empowers tooling and infrastructure development, fostering a dynamic ecosystem. From wallets to explorers and messengers, it facilitates robust solutions, ensuring innovation and efficiency across diverse applications.

  • Technical Support Grants

    The Grants Program extends technical assistance to diverse projects developed on various frameworks and operating on different networks. Gear Protocol's accessible framework simplifies the re-implementation of programs and smart contracts on the Vara Network. It streamlines deployment and promotes cross-chain interoperability, expanding application usage.

  • Strategic Advisory Grants

    Projects in this category promote Vara ecosystem development by providing complementary services, API interfaces, no-code solutions and other utilities on Vara.

    It also includes various use cases from the Web3 industry, such as DeFi, NFT, ZK, DAO, identity, supply chains, escrow and more.

Developer Grants for Innovation

The areas noted above are only examples - all projects falling under the broader scope of the Gear Foundation's mission are welcome to apply.

Gear Foundation's resource facilitation is non-dilutive and does not involve any ownership claims on the intellectual property (IP) or the team.

Grant Application Process


  • Provide details on how your project contributes to the Vara ecosystem, typically through augmenting users or unlocking new use-cases.

    E.g: increased network/network operator adoption, dApp development and integrations, community engagement

  • Grants are milestone-based. Applications should include suggested milestones for resource facilitation.

Benefits of Gear Foundation Grants

  • Non-dilutive Funding Opportunities

    Smart backing for ambitious founders
  • Access to Developer Tools

    Resources and documentation
  • Technical Support for Project Development

    Guidance on technical questions from dedicated members of the Vara development community
  • Strategic Advisory Services

    Connections to ecosystem partners, industry leaders and venture capital

Apply for a Grant

Success hinges on the depth of information in your application.

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