The Gear Foundation Web3 Grants Program

Facilitating innovations that contribute to the Vara ecosystem

Gear Foundation

About Gear Foundation Grants

A non-profit organization dedicated to the growth, security and community of the Vara Ecosystem through providing research support, education and community engagement.

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Purpose and Mission

The Gear Foundation Grants Program accelerates project development, growth and innovation across the Vara ecosystem by providing financial aid and project support.

Gear Foundation grantees will enhance ecosystem growth while receiving benefits for project development.


  • Application

    • Provide details on how your project contributes to the Vara ecosystem, typically through augmenting users or unlocking new use-cases.

      E.g: increased network/network operator adoption, dApp development and integrations, community engagement

    • Grants are milestone-based. Applications should include suggested milestones for funding
  • Review

    • Our Grant Committee reviews applications on a rolling basis. You can expect to hear back within 4-6 weeks. The majority of grants for accepted applicants will be in the amount of $10-$30k, but we may create opportunities for larger grants in the future.
    • You may be contacted to set up an interview with our reviewing committee to address specific questions or provide additional information.
    • Business review includes: contribution to the Vara ecosystem, competitive analysis, roadmap, use of funds, team experience
    • Technical review includes: ecosystem analysis, resourcing requirements, financial projections
  • Decision

    • Applicants will be notified via email with a decision on their submission.
  • Onboarding

    • The Gear Foundation will schedule an onboarding meeting and you will be put in touch with a technical point of contact to help you throughout the development process.
    • You will be briefed on all relevant legal and funding aspects of the grant.
  • Ongoing Support

    • The Gear Foundation will check on a regular basis to provide help and support.
  • Engagement

    • As soon as your project is launched, Gear will inform the community in relevant social channels. Additional marketing support may be also provided.

Program Benefits

Non-dilutive Funding

Smart backing for ambitious founders

Developer Tools

Resources and documentation

Technical Support

Guidance on technical questions from dedicated members of the Vara development community

Strategic Advisory

Connections to ecosystem partners, industry leaders and venture capital

Request for proposals (RFPs)

The areas noted above are only examples - all projects falling under the broader scope of the Gear Foundation's mission are welcome to apply.

Gear Foundation's resource facilitation is non-dilutive and does not involve any ownership claims on the intellectual property (IP) or the team.

Apply for a Grant

Success hinges on the depth of information in your application.

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