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Learn to Earn: Introducing a Unified Ecosystem for All Stakeholders

Learn to Earn concept is aimed to introduce a unified ecosystem for all stakeholders from starting developers to founders


    Gear Academy

    Gear Academy, the official learning hub for building on the Vara Network, unlocks your potential as a multi-chain developer.

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    Vara Online Hackathon

    Join the forefront of Web3 technologies and create remarkable projects on Vara Network!

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    Seize the chance to receive a grant from Gear Foundation to bring your project idea to life.

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    Academy courses video guides are extended with additional information and available in several languages.

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    If you have any queries please check out the Vara and Gear Wiki before reaching out for support.

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    You can ask for assistance in the Developer Discord Channel. The team and other validators are on hand to assist and offer advice based on their collective knowledge.

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