Looking for more ways to get involved?

There are many other ways to support Vara including becoming
a nominator, an official Ambassador, or participating in network governance.

    Become a Nominator

    Nominators play a crucial role in Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanisms, contributing indirectly to the network's health and security by delegating tokens to reliable validators.

    VARA holders can earn rewards by staking tokens and nominating validators. Elected validators that produce blocks redistribute rewards to their nominators.

    Here's how to become a nominator:

    Staking Dashboard

    Vara Staking Dashboard simplifies staking and nominating validators for a seamless user experience.

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    Polkadot.{js} App

    Dive into Vara community's exciting journey as nominators through the Polkadot.{js} Application

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    Stake Vara

    Ambassador Program

    Join the community-driven Ambassador Program, a dynamic platform fostering education, awareness, and collaboration within the Vara Network and Gear ecosystem.

    Why should you participate?


    Contribute to the community and get recognized for your efforts.

    Community Growth

    Shape the future of Gear Protocol and Vara Network.

    Diverse Roles

    Explore roles like Event Organizer, Developer, Moderator, Content Creator and Translator.

    Opportunities in the program

    Event Organizer

    Host engaging online or in-person events.


    Contribute on Github, create tutorials and build within the #Vara ecosystem.

    Content Creator

    Craft educational content—blogs, tweets, videos—keeping the community engaged with Vara Network's latest updates.


    Localize content into your language for broader accessibility.


    Guide and support community members, keeping everyone connected with Vara Network Technology.

    Help build next-generation Web3 solutions!

    Become an Ambassador


    Vara employs an OpenGov framework for on-chain governance, enabling every VARA token holder to influence network updates. Stakeholders with at least 50% of funds staked can participate in governance, facilitating a more secure, robust and decentralized ecosystem.

    How to Participate:

    Proposal Submission

    Anyone can propose changes or updates through referenda.

    Voting Power Delegation

    Token holders can delegate voting power to community members.

    Voting and Voluntary Locking

    Lock tokens to increase your voting strength. Enjoy up to 32 lock periods (7 days each) and utilize Multirole Delegation for strategic impact.

    Vara network proposals empower every member to participate through:

    Low entry barriers

    Start a referendum anytime.

    Inclusive voting

    No limits on simultaneous referenda.

    Visit Vara's governance forum and be part of the decision-making process. Your voice is crucial in crafting Vara's decentralized journey.

    Propose and Vote

    Contribute to dApp Testing on Mainnet and Testnet

    Explore opportunities to actively participate and make an impact in our dynamic community

    Engage in Real-Time Testing

    Test Gear Foundation dApps or external projects currently in development. Complete this form to register your interest.

    Provide valuable feedback

    The Vara Network mainnet introduces developers to distinctive challenges beyond theoretical knowledge, leaning heavily on your practical user experience.
    Connect on GitHubConnect with Gear Foundation on GitHub

    Community activities

    Engage with the vibrant community through various activities designed to elevate your Vara experience

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    Connect with like-minded Vara enthusiasts in gatherings worldwide. Share insights, discuss trends and create valuable connections.
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    Dive deep into hands-on workshops tailored to sharpen your technical prowess when building on Vara. Explore upcoming workshop opportunities to build your skill.

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    Varathon & Hackathons

    Fuel your passion through challenging hackathons and Varathon events. Hack, learn and build with Varathon!

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    Community Calls

    Receive valuable insights from industry experts through engaging community sessions.
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    Develop your skills with curated training sessions, ensuring you stay at the forefront of Web3 innovation. Visit the Gear Academy to access certified Web3 courses.

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