Understanding VARA Tokenomics through Visualization

Witness the flow and interplay of Vara tokens (VARA), from issuance to utilization, in these interactive visuals.
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Total Token Supply

Fully diluted market cap

Total rewards issued

Total Burnt *

* Each time rewards are distributed to validators, an equivalent number of tokens is burned from the inflationOffsetting Pool.

Stakeable tokens staked *

Ideal Staking Rate

* Tokens from the Inflation Offsetting Pool, locked team and investor tokens are restricted from staking.


VARA tokens power the vibrant ecosystem of the Vara Network. They facilitate decentralized application functions, rewarding the work of validator nodes and safeguarding every action through a minimal transaction fee.

Explore the dynamic relationship in the comprehensive tokenomics documentation.

  • Claim Vara

    Verify your eligibility for the VARA airdrop, designed to support the development of Web3 solutions
  • Receive a Grant

    Seize the opportunity to build on the Vara Network – apply for a grant from the Gear Foundation
  • Trade VARA

    Buy, sell or trade VARA on the open market via any AMM or exchange featuring VARA

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