What is the Gear Protocol?

May 30, 2024
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The Gear Protocol is a Substrate-based programing platform that enables anyone to develop and run a dApp in a matter of minutes. The Gear Protocol is the most developer-friendly and cost-effective way to implement and run programs and smart contracts with arbitrary logic and of any complexity. Gear programs run under WebAssembly VM and they can be compiled from many popular programming languages, such as Rust, C, C++ and many more. The protocol ensures very minimal, intuitive and sufficient APIs for implementing programs and running them on multiple networks without having to rewrite them. From a technological point of view, the Gear Protocol is distinguished by fundamentally new features that enable you to create asynchronous programs with a completely new and previously unattainable user experience, namely - the Actor model for communication, the persistent memory concept and WebAssembly execution environment. The protocol dictates what actors should look like as communicating entities. The Gear Protocol will assist with the transition to mass use of Web3 technologies by enabling the running of innovative dApps, microservices, middleware and open APIs.