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The Four Best Platforms for Building Telegram Mini Apps (TMAs)

Jun 19, 2024

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Conversations about what needs to happen for Web3 to onboard the next billion users constitute a near-constant buzz in crypto circles. Indeed, these discussions have been going on since the publication of the Bitcoin whitepaper 15 years ago.

The recent emergence of Telegram Mini Apps (TMAs) – blockchain-based web apps that run inside the eponymous messaging platform – have breathed fresh life into the debate. TMAs effectively smuggle decentralized tech into the Telegram trojan horse, paving the way for the latter’s enormous 800 million plus user base to interact with wallets, tokens, and dApps.

TMAs are already catapulting unsuspecting internet users into a world in which terms like ‘seed phrase’ and ‘smart contract’ are commonplace. As blockchain-powered messaging experiences mature, several platforms are staking a claim as go-to launchpads for the development of TMAs. Here are four of the best.


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