Madrid Vara Community Meetup

Nov 30, 2023


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Unleash the Power of Rust: Vara Network Event in Madrid!

Hey Rust Developers!

Join for an exclusive evening dedicated to the world of Rust programming and the groundbreaking projects shaping the landscape in blockchain

Event Details:

Date: November 30th, 2023

Time: 19:00 (Local Time)

Venue: CryptoCafe Madrid

Why You Should Attend:

In-Depth Project Overview:

Discover the realm of Rust-powered projects that are changing the game. We'll delve into innovative initiatives buil on vara Network, all developed in Rust. Explore how these projects ideas and get insipred!

Opportunity to Shape the Future:

Learn about the Vara Network—an unparalleled ecosystem designed to empower developers. Explore how your Rust skills can elevate your projects to new heights. Engage in discussions about the unique features and opportunities Vara brings to the table.

Hackathon Preview:

Get a sneak peek into the upcoming Rust-focused hackathon! Collaborate with other developers, and seize the chance to transform your ideas into reality.

Networking and Collaboration:

Connect with like-minded Rust developers, exchange ideas, and forge potential collaborations. Whether you're a seasoned Rustacean or just starting, this event provides a unique space to expand your network and engage with the thriving Rust community.

Food, Drinks, and Good Vibes:

Enjoy an evening filled with not only enriching discussions but also delicious food and drinks. Relax in the vibrant atmosphere of CryptoCafe Madrid while immersing yourself in the world of Rust and blockchain innovation.

The event is completely free, just please reserve your spot as the spots are limited!