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Vara-Arena is a Player-Versus-Player auto battler game.

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A solitary citadel stands amidst the majestic mountains, veiled in shadows and echoes of the unknown. This place, known as Arena Castle Town (ACT), is a realm that pulses with the rhythm of gladiatorial combat. Here, the echoes of a thousand battles reverberate off the immense walls, shrouding the city in an aura of might and valor.

Those who accept the call of battle, stepping onto the sands of the arena as gladiators, embark on a brutal journey.

Few scouts have braved the journey beyond, their tales of what lies yonder hushed whispers on the winds. Within these walls, a choice is presented: to become a gladiator, to fight, to bleed, to strive for victory, or to serve these esteemed warriors, crafting their weapons, erecting their dwellings, and maintaining their stronghold.

We utilize the seasonal system to release new chronicles and extend the world and gameplay.

Step-by-step guide:

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