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Tequila Train

Tequila Train is a game similar to the Mexican Train game with several differences in rules.

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Tequila Train involves a hub, trains, and tequila shots, with each player receiving between 4 to 8 tiles at the start. A game's program running on the blockchain is capable of hosting several simultaneous lobbies of 8 players each. Anyone can create their own lobby and invite their friends to play.

Each player receives their dominoes, and the number of tiles they receive is automatically calculated based on the number of players. Each player gets their own train differentiated by the color. Each player revise their tiles and see if they have matching dot numbers on both sides of one tile.

The domino must be placed so that one end is touching the end of a domino already on the table and such that the end of the new domino matches (shows the same number of dots) the end of the domino it is adjacent to. 

The aim is to be the first player to get rid of all the dominoes in their hand. As soon as this happens, even if the last tile is a Double, the game ends.

More info about the game's rules and technical implementation details can be found here:

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