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Racing Cars

The Racing Cars revolves around a competition where a user races against two pre-uploaded programs on the blockchain.

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Imagine a competition where the drivers are not human but highly sophisticated algorithms, each vying for victory on the digital racetrack.

Welcome to Racing Cars! A game in which you compete not against a human, but against a program running on the blockchain where strategy, speed, and a bit of sabotage reign supreme.

How to play?

3 cars = yours is the green one, competitors are in the white ones.

Both the user and the program algorithms will be given a choice to either accelerate, which means to move forward, or shoot at the nearest car to slow it down.

To win the race, you have to cross the finish line first.

Technical Aspect

In a well-known Ethereum-based 0xMonaco game, participants upload their personalized program strategies, all managed by a central Master program. Central components were necessary to enable multi-block gameplay.

However, in the case of Vara, the game operates fully on-chain, thanks to the asynchronous messaging paradigm. Various actors (programs) communicate with each other, and if a game round can't be accommodated within a single block, it carries over into subsequent ones.

For in-depth details, refer to this resource:

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