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P2P Streaming

Streaming dApp mirrors Twitch's live video power, embracing peer-to-peer distribution - exemplifying Web3 potential.

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P2P streaming is an example of a decentralized application, akin to the widely popular streaming applications in the Web2 realm. Users of this application can connect and watch the live stream of one or more users. A Web2 equivalent could be the Twitch platform.

In this example of the application, anyone can create a schedule for an upcoming stream broadcast at a designated time in advance. Other users can view a list of scheduled streams and subscribe to one or more. At the appointed time, the streamer commences the broadcast, and other users join it.

The application comprises three primary components:

  • - On-chain program: This component is responsible for storing the stream schedule and managing user subscriptions.
  • - Frontend: This component serves as the application's user interface.
    • Signaling server: This component is responsible for establishing peer-to-peer (P2P) connections between the streamer and viewers.

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